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the alias bugger maybe again

From: Alex fxmbsw7 Ratchev
Subject: the alias bugger maybe again
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 21:08:33 +0200

the alias bug(s) i experience again in simple code
i would use the dev tree but as you may saw on my other mail it doesnt run
please include the alias fix in mainstream releases or take the title of
keeping aliases to high part nowork

for some reason it pasted it with wrong newlines, ill try fixing it up
the error is i do <al> var=<val> <al>
the second alias isnt reached
n=( .. ) contains the its following alias instead of not
err a bit wrong explained, but ull get the error

bash-5.1# alias 1='__1=$( 2>&- declare -p IFS ) ' 2=$'\neval "${__1:-unset
-v IFS}"\n '
bash-5.1# set -x ; d=$EPOCHREALTIME 1 IFS=. n=( $d ) 2 set +x

+ d=1633978521.225695
      ++ declare -p IFS
+ __1='declare -- IFS="."'
+ IFS=.

+ n=($d)

bash-5.1# declare -p n ; 2 set +x
      + declare -p n
            declare -a n=([0]="eval" [1]="declare -- IFS=\".\"" [2]="set"
[3]="+x" [4]="1633978521" [5]="225695")
+ eval 'declare -- IFS="."'

++ declare -- IFS=.

+ set +x


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