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Re: hash not restored after running command -p

From: Oğuz
Subject: Re: hash not restored after running command -p
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2021 15:33:07 +0300

On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 2:15 PM Mike Jonkmans <bashbug@jonkmans.nl> wrote:
>         PATH=/dev/null
>         command -p hostname
>         hostname # executes /bin/hostname via the hash table
> I agree with OP that the behaviour is a bug, or at least unwanted behaviour.

I'd say it's a feature, and a good one too. Not having to prefix each
invocation of a utility with `command -p ' is a convenience if there's
a lot of them.

> I could not find this in POSIX nor in the bash manual, but it seems true:
>         Assignment to PATH clears the hash table.
>         (Even when the value stays the same).

It's in XCU
> Once a utility has been searched for and found (either as a result of this
> specific search or as part of an unspecified shell start-up activity), an
> implementation may remember its location and need not search for the
> utility again unless the PA TH variable has been the subject of an assignment.
> If the remembered location fails for a subsequent invocation, the shell shall
> repeat the search to find the new location for the utility, if any.

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