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Re: unbalanced parenthesis not recognized

From: Harald Dunkel
Subject: Re: unbalanced parenthesis not recognized
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2021 08:02:19 +0100
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On 2021-11-18 17:52:29, Robert Elz wrote:
     Date:        Thu, 18 Nov 2021 10:34:40 +0100
     From:        Harald Dunkel <harald.dunkel@aixigo.com>
     Message-ID:  <fff15881-9ee7-ce68-6d86-daa81a7d6d6b@aixigo.com>

   | at least due to unbalanced parenthesis?

Greg's reply was correct, but he didn't explicitly address that point.
In sh, characters like { } [ ] (but not ( and )) are just characters.
In some scenarios they're required to be paired for things to work, but
you can always simply use one (unquoted) anywhere there's a need.  They
don't have to balance in any way.

"Some scenarios" is the point here. The parenthesis have to balance as
soon as it comes to shell parameter expansion, which is (or should have
been) the case here. Something like

        : ${SSLDIR:="${JM_WORK}/ssl"

doesn't work, either.

You have to admit that this was a mean pitfall.

Thanx for your reply


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