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Re: some.. bug .. ?

From: Alex fxmbsw7 Ratchev
Subject: Re: some.. bug .. ?
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 08:01:07 +0100

im not sure i understand

this did happen on my bashlink project ( as bashrc etc ) and this example,
but with --norc it works

i dunno where to set -x

changing $e to eval "$e" makes it work
but weird that error appears
i have no empty aliases i think
also eval "$e" makes it work so, ..

im sorry to not understand..

i till i experienced --norc worked, thought, bash doesnt exexute . as var
cause its a bash command, and eval is needed
just on the second+ runs it showed this ( also the var wasnt empty , .. )

sorry again for your efforts

ill try set -x on this piece of code but i dont expect any results

On Wed, Dec 1, 2021, 05:30 Dale R. Worley <worley@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> Alex fxmbsw7 Ratchev <fxmbsw7@gmail.com> writes:
> > printf 'e=. ; (( $# > 1 )) && $e afile "${@:1:$# -1}"' >afile ; . afile
> 1 2
> > 3
> >
> > bash: : command not found
> This looks like another instance where you've constructed a command
> whose first word is the empty word.  Try running with "set -x" and see
> what the command lines are when they're expanded.
> Dale

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