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Space vs. non-space separators in COMP_WORDBREAKS

From: konsolebox
Subject: Space vs. non-space separators in COMP_WORDBREAKS
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 23:56:30 +0000

If I have a function like

    function _complete_something {
        printf -v __ '%q ' "$@"
        logger -p debug -t something "Args: $__"
        logger -p debug -t something "$(declare -p COMP_WORDS)"

And in COMP_WORDBREAKS I have '=' included in the assignment.

And I execute this command:

    complete -F _complete_something something

After I type something like this

    something --option=/something[TAB]

I'll also get = in one of the arguments.

This seems to mean that separators specified in COMP_WORDBREAKS that
aren't spaces are also passed as an
argument and stored in COMP_WORDS.  This surprised me a bit, and I
think it would be helpful if this behavior gets documented as well.

Tested with 5.1.12.


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