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Re: Bash not escaping escape sequences in directory names

From: konsolebox
Subject: Re: Bash not escaping escape sequences in directory names
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 23:00:38 +0000

On Tue, Jan 25, 2022, 06:24 Robert Elz, <kre@munnari.oz.au> wrote:

>     Date:        Tue, 25 Jan 2022 05:45:23 +0800
>     From:        konsolebox <konsolebox@gmail.com>
>     Message-ID:  <
> CAJnmqwbVRbDijqCU8+oo0GViC7onEw8NkV4dJFyy3O5eEPme6w@mail.gmail.com>
>   | As for me whatever it is, it should be done consistently and with no
>   | compromise.
> I have no idea why you decided to send this message to me (as well as the
> list), my message was entirely about why one might want to export, and
> import, PS1 into a shell, which your comments don't seem to have anything
> to do with at all.

Yes, sorry. I admit I only replied right away and didn't even read your
conversation. It's meant to be a general reply to the thread.

> But I also fail to see how:
>   | Post filename expansion or population processes should not make any
>   | interpretation of the expanded filenames in whatsoever manner.
> is related to the original issue either, which was just about how
> a (literally unchanged) pathname sent to a terminal might cause weird
> effects (changing the font foreground to red would be nothing to be too
> alarmed about, making it be black on black would be less amusing to most
> people).

If the code is in no way interpreted by bash and literally just sent to the
terminal then I guess it's not bash's problem and escaping it out would be
a generous act.


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