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Re: Incorrect alias expansion within command substitution

From: L A Walsh
Subject: Re: Incorrect alias expansion within command substitution
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 17:18:08 -0800
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On 2022/02/02 08:50, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 2/2/22 8:25 AM, L A Walsh wrote:

I.e. My bash is posix compliant by default w/r/t aliases:

It's not, and that's how this whole issue got started. You're running
bash-4.4. POSIX requires the following to work:

alias switch=case
echo $(switch foo in foo) echo ok 2;; esac )

and it simply doesn't, whether you run in posix mode or not.
You are right in that I was entirely in left field. However w/r/t starting
with aliases being enabled by default when bash starts (interactive or not),
I would prefer bash follow posix rules.

While I compile my bash to follow posix rules, I can't quite write my
general scripts to expect that as bash at the trunc level

I missed the original problem being talked about here.

My posix non-conformance issue has to do with bash not starting with
aliases enabled by default in all default invocations.

While BASH_ALIASES is inherited I can't specify a set of aliases that I can
expect to just 'work' when bash starts.

For that matter I can't expect my own maps (arrays with non-integer or integer
to work in child processes.

I've tried to suggest various improvements over the years, and don't
understand the resistance of all the suggestion.

I will admit that my focus is utility and usability rather than security, ever since
the attack on bash function injections, but would have suggested using a
shared memory file owned by root to hold a key (checksum key) of functions and secured variables. Perhaps not ideal, but, I believe workable.

Unfortunately, all of my ideas/works after last Thanksgiving have suffered from a
decrease in mental function due to a nasty stroke that affected my visual
cortext -- affecting both eyes and image processing. Since I have been highly visually oriented, many of my memories, and ability to visualize my code and even see or read a line at a time are impaired, requiring me to read word-by-word which horribly slows down reading and virtually eliminates ability to skim text -- the result being I often miss entire phrases, even sections. Apparently from cat scan and MRI's that stroke as only one of the worse was only 1 of several picked up
by the dianostics.

So if it looks like I missed something -- I probably did. I also sometimes have gaps in a logical chain of though, because I thought it, but missed putting it into words.

So most sorry for missing key key points in arguments, as well as missing under- standing, what to you are obvious points of joining logic.

I will try to continue my to increase due-diligence, but will most assuredly fail.

My apologies.
Ms. Linda Walsh
(aka Astara)
(at) tlinx.org

Sadly this gives some rampant examples to point out my logical flaws and my missing basic. points in a discussion.

I apoligize in advance for my many

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