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Errors in man pages of bash

From: Helge Kreutzmann
Subject: Errors in man pages of bash
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2022 11:13:20 +0100
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Dear bash maintainer,
the manpage-l10n project maintains a large number of translations of
man pages both from a large variety of sources (including PACKAGE) as
well for a large variety of target languages.

During their work translators notice different possible issues in the
original (english) man pages. Sometimes this is a straightforward
typo, sometimes a hard to read sentence, sometimes this is a
convention not held up and sometimes we simply do not understand the

We use several distributions as sources and update regularly (at
least every 2 month). This means we are fairly recent (some
distributions like archlinux also update frequently) but might miss
the latest upstream version once in a while, so the error might be
already fixed. We apologize and ask you to close the issue immediately
if this should be the case, but given the huge volume of projects and
the very limited number of volunteers we are not able to double check
each and every issue.

Secondly we translators see the manpages in the neutral po format,
i.e. converted and harmonized, but not the original source (be it man,
groff, xml or other). So we cannot provide a true patch (where
possible), but only an approximation which you need to convert into
your source format.

Finally the issues I'm reporting have accumulated over time and are
not always discovered by me, so sometimes my description of the
problem my be a bit limited - do not hesitate to ask so we can clarify

I'm now reporting the errors for your project. If future reports
should use another channel, please let me know.

Man page: bash.1
Issue: integer between I<> instead of B<>, like the next string

"If I<value> is not given, the variable is assigned the null string.  All "
"I<values> undergo tilde expansion, parameter and variable expansion, command "
"substitution, arithmetic expansion, and quote removal (see E<.SM> "
"B<EXPANSION> below).  If the variable has its B<integer> attribute set, then "
"I<value> is evaluated as an arithmetic expression even if the $((...)) "
"expansion is not used (see B<Arithmetic Expansion> below).  Word splitting "
"is not performed, with the exception of B<\"$@\"> as explained below under "
"B<Special Parameters>.  Pathname expansion is not performed.  Assignment "
"statements may also appear as arguments to the B<alias>, B<declare>, "
"B<typeset>, B<export>, B<readonly>, and B<local> builtin commands "
"(I<declaration> commands).  When in I<posix mode>, these builtins may appear "
"in a command after one or more instances of the B<command> builtin and "
"retain these assignment statement properties."
Man page: bash.1

"The value is used to set the shell's compatibility level.  See E<.SM> "
"B<SHELL COMPATIBILITY MODE> below for a description of the various "
"compatibility levels and their effects.  The value may be a decimal number "
"(e.g., 4.2) or an integer (e.g., 42)  corresponding to the desired "
"compatibility level.  If B<BASH_COMPAT> is unset or set to the empty string, "
"the compatibility level is set to the default for the current version.  If "
"the compatibility level is set to the default for the current version.  If "
"B<BASH_COMPAT> is set to a value that is not one of the valid compatibility "
"levels, the shell prints an error message and sets the compatibility level "
"to the default for the current version.  The valid values correspond to the "
"compatibility levels described below under E<.SM> "
"B<BSHELL>COMPATIBILITYB<MODE>.  For example, 4.2 and 42 are valid values "
"that correspond to the B<compat42> B<shopt> option and set the compatibility "
"level to 42.  The current version is also a valid value."
Man page: bash.1
Issue: unmatched ")" in "and so on)"

"Bash-4.0 introduced the concept of a `shell compatibility level', specified "
"as a set of options to the shopt builtin B<compat31>, B<compat32>, "
"B<compat40>, B<compat41>, and so on).  There is only one current "
"compatibility level -- each option is mutually exclusive.  The compatibility "
"level is intended to allow users to select behavior from previous versions "
"that is incompatible with newer versions while they migrate scripts to use "
"current features and behavior. It's intended to be a temporary solution."
Man page: bashbug.1
Issue: . Fixes are encouraged. → if you have such a proposal. (or similarly)

"The bug report format outline consists of several sections.  The first "
"section provides information about the machine, operating system, the bash "
"version, and the compilation environment.  The second section should be "
"filled in with a description of the bug.  The third section should be a "
"description of how to reproduce the bug.  The optional fourth section is for "
"a proposed fix.  Fixes are encouraged."

      Dr. Helge Kreutzmann                     debian@helgefjell.de
           Dipl.-Phys.                   http://www.helgefjell.de/debian.php
        64bit GNU powered                     gpg signed mail preferred
           Help keep free software "libre": http://www.ffii.de/

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