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Re: Interesting bug

From: Martin Schulte
Subject: Re: Interesting bug
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2022 20:22:11 +0100

Hi David!

> A syntax error would be nice instead.

I see - also from you second answer - that you have some fundamental 
misunderstandings about shell programming:

- Your code will, in case the testCode fails, try execute a program called 
{echo. This is certainly not a good name for a program, but it is not a syntax 
error either.
- Since bash interprets the code the problem with the closing brace is only 
detected when the offending line is passed.

My personal opinion (although I'll probably be bashed here for it ;-) ): Except 
for a very few exceptions like small wrappers avoid writing new shell scripts 
at all - for example use python instead. There are many historically founded 
flaws and odds with shell proramming.

Anyhow, bug-bash@gnu.org is not the right place for these topics, better try 

Best regards


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