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Re: execute_cmd.h is not included in installed headers

From: Robert E. Griffith
Subject: Re: execute_cmd.h is not included in installed headers
Date: Mon, 2 May 2022 16:03:10 -0400
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>> What's your use case?

I have a bash script library that supports Objects and Classes in bash script. I am now writing a loadable builtin to speed up the object call and other mechanisms.

   echo "'$obj'"
   '_bgclassCall heap_A_XXXXX MyClass 0 |'
   $obj.doSomething p1 p2

_bgclassCall is a function that sets up the method context (e.g. local -n this=heap_A_XXXXX),  and then calls the shell function that corresponds to 'doSomething' (e.g. MyClass::soSomething)

_bgclassCall has a bash implementation but when the new builtin is loaded I suppress the bash version so the builtin is used.

It also comes up for example if I want to implement the ConstructObject function as a builtin, it identifies and runs the __constructor shell functions while building up the object instance.


Here is a longer example of the syntax...

   Example OO Bash...

   $ cat /tmp/test.sh
   #!/usr/bin/env bash
   source /usr/lib/bg_core.sh
   import bg_objects.sh  ;$L1;$L2

   DeclareClass Animal
   function Animal::__construct() {
   function Animal::speak() {
        echo "${this[name]} says 'generic animal sound'"

   DeclareClass Dog : Animal
   function Dog::speak() {
        echo "${this[name]} says 'woof'"

   DeclareClass Cat : Animal
   function Cat::speak() {
        echo "${this[name]} says 'meow'"

   declare -A spot;     ConstructObject Dog spot     "Spot"
   declare -A whiskers; ConstructObject Cat whiskers "Whiskers"


   $ bash /tmp/test.sh
   Spot says 'woof'
   Whiskers says 'meow'

On 5/2/22 15:31, Chet Ramey wrote:
On 5/2/22 3:23 PM, Robert E. Griffith wrote:
"execute_cmd.h" is not listed in the INSTALLED_HEADERS macro which determines which headers are included for the install-headers target.

Yes, builtin commands are generally the target of execution, not things
that execute other builtins or shell functions. When builtins execute
other commands, it's either something like eval/command/source/exec or
the jobs -x/fc type of transform-and-execute.

Is it problematic for a loadable builtin to execute shell functions or is it maybe an oversight that that header is not included? If I build against the full source it appears to work fine but I wonder if there are edge cases that cause problems.

It's not necessarily an oversight, just not something that builtin commands
generally do. What's your use case?

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