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[gnu.org #1838744] Bash Manual, 3.6.2 Redirecting Inputs, SUGGESTION

From: Therese Godefroy via RT
Subject: [gnu.org #1838744] Bash Manual, 3.6.2 Redirecting Inputs, SUGGESTION
Date: Fri, 20 May 2022 14:06:45 -0400

Hello Bash maintainers,

Here is a challenging ticket. The requester complains about the 
association of "n" and "word" in "Redirecting Input" (image.png is a
screenshot of this chapter with the examples emphasized):

I'm going to tell him there is no guarantee that this can be changed.
For one thing, it would be difficult to find a letter that doesn't
take an unwanted meaning when associated with "word".

All the best,

Le Ven 20 Mai 2022 11:26:09, ecapoferri@gmail.com a écrit :
> Hello. I know this is completely unintentional. And I know it's superficial
> and very small, but...maybe it's a bad look to some. You might want to
> think about changing the "n" variable name for these examples:
> [image: image.png]
> Evan Capoferri
> ecapoferri@gmail.com
> m: 773 474 6389

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