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Re: ld (bfd?) bug: unmatched excluded include in stabs

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: ld (bfd?) bug: unmatched excluded include in stabs
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 14:52:32 +0000
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Hi Mattias,

> Now consider another object file that includes alfa.h. Its stabs will be
> roughly equal to those of alfa.o above. When this is linked to the partial
> link, the resulting BINCL of alfa.h will have checksum != 0 (since this
> time the EXCL gamma.h contributes), but the use will have checksum == 0.

Not being an expert on STABS, I am not sure if the following question
makes any sense, but I will ask it anyway:  Is this the correct
behaviour for the linker, or should it be ignoring the EXCL gamma.h
when computing the checksum for the BINCL of alfa.h ?

> I have a testcase for this, which I could wrap up if someone is
> interested.

Yes - please send the testcase to the list.  (I assume that it is a
*small* testcase ? :-)


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