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m68k-aout-as core dump with unresolved symbol in stabs

From: Vincent Rivière
Subject: m68k-aout-as core dump with unresolved symbol in stabs
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 00:55:41 +0100

I found an annoying (but not blocking) bug in m68k-aout-as 2.14

The test case "thetest.s" contains only the following line of code :
        .stabs  "thename",0,0,1,thevalue

$ m68k-unknown-aout-as thetest.s
thetest.s: Assembler messages:
thetest.s:1: Error: attempt to get value of unresolved symbol `thename'
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Of course,  "thevalue" is undefined, but "as" shouldn't crash after reporting 
the error...

I made a little tracing, and I found that the bug comes from S_GET_VALUE() in 
That function is called twice when assembling the sample source :

1) called by obj_crawl_symbol_chain()
It displays the error message as expected

2) called by obj_emit_symbols()
It tries to print the error message once again, but crashes...

I hope it will help to fix the bug.

Vincent Rivière

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