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Re: IA64 ELF relocation identifiers

From: Jim Wilson
Subject: Re: IA64 ELF relocation identifiers
Date: 10 Dec 2003 11:28:16 -0800

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 08:37, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Is it intentional that both binutils and glibc do not use the IA64
> processor specific ABI names (R_IA_64_*), but instead use R_IA64_*?

This is unintentional.  I suspect it was a mistake in the original port
that David Mosberger made.  Or maybe the ABI documentation changed after
David Mosberger started his work and we failed to notice the problem.

The linux kernel incidentally has the exact same problem.  I checked
2.6.0-test5, but I doubt that this has changed since then.

I am willing to change binutils if there is some consensus that this
should be fixed.  Since we are only changing macro names, this should
not have any ABI effects.  The only thing that should change is objdump
output, and that shouldn't be a critical problem for anyone.

I believe that changing binutils does not directly affect glibc or the
linux kernel, as they all have their own header files that define
relocs.  Still, I don't think that changing one makes sense unless we
are changing all of them.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support, http://www.SpecifixInc.com

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