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"bug" in GNU assembler.

From: josh
Subject: "bug" in GNU assembler.
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 14:30:51 -0500
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Hi all,

I'm not sure this exactly counts as a bug, but...


Linux 2.4.22-ben2 #2 SMP Fri Sep 19 10:07:56 EDT 2003 ppc 7410, altivec 
supported GNU/Linux
GNU assembler 20031029

doing the following:

address@hidden new-core> as -mregnames <<EOF               
>         .macro cstring string
>         .byte 0f-(.-1)
>         .byte "\string"
> 1:
>         .endm
>         .data
>         cstring "testing..."


{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:9: Internal error, aborting at config/tc-ppc.c line 5824 in 
Please report this bug.

Note that in the macro I used a reference to label 0, and then accidentally
defined label 1: instead (0: is never defined).  So as I said, this isn't in
any way a serious bug, but it said to report it, so I figured, "why not?"


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