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Minor build problems for binutils 2.14 --target=msp430

From: Markus Schwarzenberg
Subject: Minor build problems for binutils 2.14 --target=msp430
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 11:07:16 +0100


When building binutilities 2.14 on a sparc-SunOS-5.7 host
for target msp430 configured using 
  ./configure --target=msp430 --prefix=/usr/local/msp/msp-430-sf-cvs
in some of the resulting makefiles the library libintl wasn't linked,
resulting in build errors like:

gcc -W -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -g -O2 -o ld-new ldgram.o 
ldlex.o lexsup.o ldlang.o mri.o ldctor.o ldmain.o ldwrite.o ldexp.o ldemul.o 
ldver.o ldmisc.o ldfile.o ldcref.o emsp430x149.o emsp430x148.o emsp430x147.o 
emsp430x133.o emsp430x135.o emsp430x110.o emsp430x112.o emsp430x122.o 
emsp430x123.o emsp430x412.o emsp430x413.o emsp430x311.o emsp430x312.o 
emsp430x313.o emsp430x314.o emsp430x315.o emsp430x323.o emsp430x325.o 
emsp430x336.o emsp430x337.o emsp430x1101.o emsp430x1111.o emsp430x1121.o 
emsp430x1331.o emsp430x1351.o emsp430x435.o emsp430x436.o emsp430x437.o 
emsp430x447.o emsp430x448.o emsp430x449.o emsp430x1222.o emsp430x1232.o 
emsp430x169.o emsp430x168.o emsp430x167.o emsp430x155.o emsp430x156.o 
emsp430x157.o emsp430x1122.o emsp430x1132.o  ../bfd/.libs/libbfd.a 
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
libintl_bindtextdomain              ldmain.o
libintl_gettext                     ldgram.o
libintl_dgettext                    ../bfd/.libs/libbfd.a(archive.o)
libintl_textdomain                  ldmain.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to ld-new

Changing the line


  INTLLIBS = -lintl

fixed it. The Makefiles where this entry is missing are:


Unfortunately, I don't know how to fix this in configure.in,
but fixing the makefiles worked for me.

Markus Schwarzenberg

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