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binutils 20040120-1 & VC6 .lib incompatibility?

From: cls
Subject: binutils 20040120-1 & VC6 .lib incompatibility?
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 02:03:04 -0800 (PST)
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We're noticing a problem when building Mozilla using the latest mingw
binutils release candidate.  We have old versions of libIDL-0.6.lib &
glib-1.2.lib which are linked into the xpidl.exe binary. The libraries
were built back in 2001 using VC6 SP??? . If xpidl is built using binutils
20040120-1, then xpidl will crash when attempting to call into the libIDL
library.  We've witnessed a similar crash when the user tries to build
against these 2001 libraries using VC7 or VC.NET. Presumably, the VC7
crashes were because the some internal dll structure changed causing the
libraries to be incompatible.  Did something similar happen to binutils
between 20030807 & 20040120 ?

Danny, can you put the 20030807 release candidate back onto the downloads
page?  I had to google around to find that release so that I could build
Mozilla on a new box.

- cls

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