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symbols of global classes

From: gian paolo catenazzi
Subject: symbols of global classes
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 17:10:40 +0100
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   I'm using a sparc32 toolchian and I'm developing in c++.
The toolchain is built using:
- gcc-core 3.2.2
- binutils
- gdb 5.2
- newlib 1.11
With this build, it is possible, with gdb, to browse global classes and watch the value of all the member variables.

I'm trying to build a new toolchain with the following versions:
- gcc-core 3.4.0
- binutils of the 2004/02/02
- gdb of the 2004/02/04
- newlib 1.12
With this build it is not possible, with gdb, to browse global classes and the member variables with a type derived from an enum are seen always as 0 (and if I check the value in the memory I see that is different of 0).

Could this be a linker problem? I saw that the debug information generated with the old toolchain is a little bit different from the information generated with the new one.


Gian Paolo

Gian Paolo Catenazzi
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