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just doing a make dvi after running configure?

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: just doing a make dvi after running configure?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:41:01 -0500

I just wanted to print the docs without making executables.
(I sometimes do'
that -- without making executables) -- just do:
        make dvi
to print out docs).

But binutils 2.14 seems to intermix the configure stages with the
make stages (instead of configuring a full tree).
(that's what I'm seeing anyway -- some packages configure
up front, other packages intermix configuring with making after
they configure the top level).

Is this the behavior we want?  Whats the advantage to configuring
up front versus configuring as we're making (if we configure upfront
you can run "make dvi" without actually making executables, which
I've found useful at times).

marty           address@hidden   
Don't  confuse education with schooling.
        Milton Friedman to Yogi Berra

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