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A possible bug / user error

From: Adrian B. Weissman
Subject: A possible bug / user error
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 16:17:30 -0800 (PST)

     I am using objcopy to take an elf32-power pc file
and convert it to a binary file.  My problem is that
the bss section is not being included in my binary
     I am using the following version of objcopy:
GNU objcopy 20031029

      I am using the following objcopy command in my
$(OBJCOPY) --pad-to $(252K_IMAGE) --gap-fill 0xFF -I
elf32-powerpc -O binary baserom_scx.elf

      Simply put, when I look at the objdump of my elf
file, I can see the offset of the first symbol in the
.bss section.  I then look in the binary image created
with objcopy, with the same offset and I see all
0xFF's to the end of the image.

       Please feel free to call me at anytime if you
or anyone knows any information about this problem. 
My cell phone number is (617) 803-1344.  Hopefully,
this is just user error!


P.S. Attached are the elf file, objdump and bin  The
first symbol in the .bss section is initFlashCard at 
0x190F4.  In the binary image, at 190f4 is where the
0xFF's start.
     In addition, I use ld -X -N -Txtext 0x100000 ..
to link my images together.  However, I feel this is a
objcopy problem, because my elfdump looks perfect!

Adrian B. Weissman             address@hidden 
7121 Avalon Drive               Home: (617) 803-1344 
Wilmington MA 01887           Work: (978) 367-7033 

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