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Re: two instances of global from shared lib linked with -Bsymbolic

From: Rafal Dabrowa
Subject: Re: two instances of global from shared lib linked with -Bsymbolic
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 16:15:41 +0200
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On Tuesday 06 of April 2004 15:13, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Rafal Dabrowa <address@hidden> writes:
> >     I have created a global (integer) variable in shared library.
> > The library is linked with -Bsymbolic option. Main program
> > sees this variable as a separate copy: any changes of this
> > variable aren't seen in library and vice versa.
> Yes, that is what happens when you use -Bsymbolic.  If you don't want
> this behaviour, don't use -Bsymbolic.
> Ian

Even if the variable is declared as "extern" in main program ? This breaks 
language rules !

Suppose we have defined two variables in shared library: glob1 and glob2.
In main program, we have defined only glob1 variable, but we use both glob1 
and glob2.
        Without -Bsymbolic option, both glob1 and glob2 in program are shared 
library. With -Bsymbolic option, both have separate copies.
        I have a possibility to work under AIX system. It behaves in another 
although glob1 has two separate copies, but glob2 is common. And this is 
intuitive because glob 1 *is* defined in program, but glob2 is *not* defined 
in program - it is only an external variable defined in library. Is there a 
possibility to behave that under Linux ?


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