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binutils and G5/ppc970

From: Chris Friesen
Subject: binutils and G5/ppc970
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:16:54 -0400
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The 970 has a new instruction, called "dcbzl". It is exactly like "dcbz", except that it operations on 128-byte cachelines unconditionally, while "dcbz" operates on 32/128 byte cachelines depending on a particular processor-specific bit.

The "dcbzl" instruction is distinguished from "dcbz" by the fact that the 10th bit (in IBM's nomenclature where the high order bit is bit zero) is set.


dcbz  0x7c0007ec
dcbzi 0x7c2007ec

I don't know enough about binutils to actually submit the proper patch.


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