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Re: [Bug binutils/273] FAIL: size -A

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: [Bug binutils/273] FAIL: size -A
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:41:45 +0100
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Hi Dave,

I came to the conclusion that we should retain the old code when the
object isn't relocatable only.  I tweaked the patch a bit.  It fixes
the regression and has no new fails.

Great - please consider this patch approved and check it in at your leisure.

I'm wondering if spaces should included in the total.

For relocatable objects ? Presumably computing a size that is too big is preferable to one one that is too small, (with the assumption that the correct size will be computed when the final link is performed), so I would think that allowing extra space for possible alignment would be a good idea.


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