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[Bug binutils/351] [PATCH] dlltool doesn't honour aliases in .def files.

From: carlo at alinoe dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/351] [PATCH] dlltool doesn't honour aliases in .def files.
Date: 6 Sep 2004 22:53:38 -0000

------- Additional Comments From carlo at alinoe dot com  2004-09-06 22:53 
Danny Smith had an even better fix:

          /* If the user has specified an internal name, use it.
             Ignore command line name translation options.  */
          char const * internal_name
            = exp->internal_name != exp->name
              ? exp->internal_name : xlate (exp->name);

This uses '!=' instead of strcmp().  That will work because
exp->internal_name is set literally equal to exp->name
when no internal name is given.  And it probably solves
the counter intuitive  address@hidden = address@hidden problem too by STILL
ignoring --kill-at in that case :).

After some more discussion, I am not convinced that Aaron
is right by the way.  So now either this patch has to be
reverted completely (according to Aaron) or you have to
make the above change in order to re-enable to handling
of --kill-at again (according to me).  I'll leave the decision
to you, you are the maintainer after all :p



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