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Re: gprof 2.14 glitches w/ powerpc elf binaries

From: Njuguna Njoroge
Subject: Re: gprof 2.14 glitches w/ powerpc elf binaries
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 18:30:19 -0700

Hi Nick,

Nick Clifton wrote:

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> Hi Nju,
> >>Can you help with this ?  I
> >>am rather swamped with my real job at the moment and about to go off on
> >>holiday, so I do not really have the time to look into it. :-(
> > How can I help out?
> I guess the question is - do you want to debug gprof and find out where
> these spurious references are coming from.

I would, but unfortunately, my internship ends this week and I have to wrap
up things here. When I return to school, I won't have the time or the
resources that I had here. Thanks for all your help.

> Cheers
>    Nick

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