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binutils-2.15: followup on two 2.14 bugs unfixed

From: Michael Deutschmann
Subject: binutils-2.15: followup on two 2.14 bugs unfixed
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:06:47 -0700 (PDT)

I just noticed binutils-2.15 was available, and am presently upgrading.

I've checked and found that two bugs I reported for 2.14 have not been
fixed in this newer release:

1. (originally reported 2003-06-21)  The environment setting of LDFLAGS
is ignored when binutils is built.  This is because the outermost
Makefile includes "LDFLAGS =" where "LDFLAGS = @LDFLAGS@" is called for.

2. (originally reported 2004-04-27) The space-saving `ranlib.sh' does not
quote $1, thus it will fail when asked to work on a file containing a
space.  (This case occurs in one of automake's self-tests.)

I did get a response to both original reports suggesting that fixes were
done to the mainline source, but 2.15 still exhibits both bugs.

Workarounds are fairly simple.  For #1, I just override LDFLAGS on the
command line when running make, and for #2 I replace the ranlib.sh with a
fixed version.

---- Michael Deutschmann <address@hidden>

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