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Re: evolution connector 1.4.5 bug

From: Ian Lance Taylor
Subject: Re: evolution connector 1.4.5 bug
Date: 23 Sep 2004 18:19:55 -0400
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"YaQuin Childs" <address@hidden> writes:

> Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3.0 x86_64 (em64t)
> Kernel 2.4.21-20.ELsmp
> XFree86-xxxxxx-4.3.0-68-EL
> gnome-desktop-2.2.2-1
> Evolution 1.4.5-1
> Evolution Connector 1.4.7-5
> Am able to open Evolution application and configure Exchange email account 
> using  evolution connector.  When application starts Scanning folders some 
> messages come over from the Exchange server then the following message 
> appears:
> Error: Application "evolution" (process 6056) has crashed due to a fatal 
> error. (Segmentation fault). <Close>
> When I press the close button the application closes.
> Any fix in the near future?  Thank you.

Wrong mailing list.  Sorry.  The bug-binutils mailing list is for bug
reports about the GNU binutils.


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