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Re: binutils-2.15: followup on two 2.14 bugs unfixed

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: binutils-2.15: followup on two 2.14 bugs unfixed
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:31:03 +0100
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Hi Michael,

I just noticed binutils-2.15 was available, and am presently upgrading.

I've checked and found that two bugs I reported for 2.14 have not been
fixed in this newer release:

1. (originally reported 2003-06-21)  The environment setting of LDFLAGS
is ignored when binutils is built.  This is because the outermost
Makefile includes "LDFLAGS =" where "LDFLAGS = @LDFLAGS@" is called for.

2. (originally reported 2004-04-27) The space-saving `ranlib.sh' does not
quote $1, thus it will fail when asked to work on a file containing a
space.  (This case occurs in one of automake's self-tests.)

I did get a response to both original reports suggesting that fixes were
done to the mainline source, but 2.15 still exhibits both bugs.

As far as I can tell problem 1 has never been fixed, in either the binutils or the GCC sources. Do you still have the email response to this bug report ? If so please could you forward it to me, or else post the URL for it in the mailing list archive.

The branch for the 2.15 release was made on Feb 11 2004, and then release about a month later, so the fix for problem 2 did not make it in. The fix is in the mainline sources in the binutils CVS repository and will be in the next binutils release.


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