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[Bug ld/460] g++ using gnu ld followed by /usr/ccs/bin/strip yields bad

From: ghudson at mit dot edu
Subject: [Bug ld/460] g++ using gnu ld followed by /usr/ccs/bin/strip yields bad binary
Date: 22 Dec 2004 05:08:31 -0000

------- Additional Comments From ghudson at mit dot edu  2004-12-22 05:08 
Regardless of whether the bogus behavior is in Solaris strip or gnu ld, it's the
responsibility of gnu binutils to work with (at least the latest version of) the
vendor tools.  If gnu ld produced executables which did not run on Solaris due
to a bug in Solaris's dynamic loader or C libraries, it would still be important
to fix it.  Obviously, a bad interaction with "strip" is not as severe as that
would be, but it's in the same category of problem.



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