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From: dmitry shkurko
Subject: Profiling
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:35:37 +0600

   I tried to profile program with fork(). After execution completed 4
   files were created. 
   All of them, except from parent process, contained 0 execution times. 

   Then I tried to execute gprof -s <progname> gmon.out.*. 
   It took more than 7 hours and didn't finish.   
   Executing gprof -s with single gmon.out.<pid> takes more than an hour and 
   does not finish.

   gprof -v gives GNU gprof
   glibc's version is 2.3.3.
   Compiler is Intel's ifort and Intel's icc.
   As I know problem with 0 times is old
   Can anybody give me more information or point me the correct place to ask 
   about 'fork and gprof' issue?
   Anyway, merging gmon.out files behaves strangely, especially for single file.

   My apologies for previous casual letter.

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