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[Bug gas/669] Macro Expansion is broken

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/669] Macro Expansion is broken
Date: 7 Feb 2005 17:26:49 -0000

------- Additional Comments From nickc at redhat dot com  2005-02-07 17:26 
Subject: Re:  New: Macro Expansion is broken

Hi mcvick_e,

   [The sourceware bugzilla web site appears to be down at the moment, 
so I am emailing this directly to you as well as the mailing list].

> During a regression build suite (since migrating from 2.14), it was found 
> that 
> the macro expansion within gas is not working properly.  The reason being is 
> whitespace.

I am not sure that this is strictly speaking a bug, since GAS macros are 
supposed to use whitespace to separate their arguments.  What has 
happened is that in 2.15 the code has been tightened up to enforce this 
rule whereas in 2.14 the code was more lax.  This may not help you of 

>         LADDR r3, ((((((0x00380000 + 4096) + 256) + 256) + 256) + 49152) + 
> 4096)

Are you able to arrange your macros so that either the white space is 
eliminated or else the entire argument is enclosed within quotations ?  eg:

  LADDR r3, "((((((0x00380000 + 4096) + 256) + 256) + 256) + 49152) + 4096)"

Alternatively can you use a .set directive to cause the expression to be 
evaluated before it is used by the macro ?  ie:

   .set val,((((((0x00380000 + 4096) + 256) + 256) + 256) + 49152) + 4096)
         LADDR r3, val




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