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Difference in "cumulative time" in gprof's report and "TIME" in top outp

From: Tulsi Ram Mayala
Subject: Difference in "cumulative time" in gprof's report and "TIME" in top output
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:48:50 -0800

address@hidden strongmail-server]$ time ./system/bin/strongmail-server -i ./ -p 9010


real    9m59.540s

user    5m37.470s

sys     0m2.330s

address@hidden strongmail-server]$



address@hidden strongmail-server]$ gprof -q ./system/bin/strongmail-server | more

                     Call graph (explanation follows)



granularity: each sample hit covers 4 byte(s) for 0.03% of 36.18 seconds


index % time    self  children    called     name


[1]     92.7    0.00   33.53                 main [1]



Why does the “time” says 5mins and 37 secs whereas the “gprof” says only 36.18 secs? Does gprof exclude anything?


Strongmail-server exited with exit(0)


Also, we are using memcpy in our code. The “gprof –qz” doesn’t list it anywhere in the callgraph.


We are using “GNU gprof”



- Tulsi Ram.



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