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'objcopy --remove-leading-char' removes all exports from library

From: Ralston, Benjamin S
Subject: 'objcopy --remove-leading-char' removes all exports from library
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:47:06 -0600

OS: Windows 2K w/SP4
ObjCopy version 2.14.90

I'm creating a library wrapper for microsofts mqrt.dll.  First I create
the mqrt.def file by:

pexports c:\winnt\system32\mqrt.dll > mqrt.def

Then I manually edit the mqrt.def file to add the @nn suffixes to the
necessary exports.  Then I create the ada-style library by:

dlltool -d c:\winnt\system32\mqrt.dll -l libmqrt.a

If I do a 'dumpbin /exports libmqrt.a' at this point, I can see all the
exports.  All good so far.

Now I need to strip the leading underscores off the exported object
names so that gnat will match what MSVC wants like this:

objcopy --remove-leading-char libmqrt.a libmqrt2.a

Now if I do a dumpbin /exports libmqrt2.a , all the exports are gone!

Benjamin S. Ralston
The Boeing Company - St. Louis

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