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Re: bug report

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: bug report
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 10:07:43 +0000
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Hi Bob,

I have received this bug using GNAT GDB 3.15p. Is there anything I can
do to get more information on what's failing? (ie environment variable)

BFD: BFD internal error, aborting at coffcode.h line 749 in styp_to_sec_flags
BFD: Please report this bug.

You can run the program inside GDB. You should then be able to backtrack from the abort to find out what is happening.

Also if you are using an older version of binutils then you might try upgrading to the latest release (2.15) or even the mainline sources in the CVS repository.

If neither of these things helps then you can submit a bug report for us to investigate. There is a bugzilla system set up at:


Or you could email a report to this list. (Please do try to include as much helpful information as possible, and if at all practical a *small* testcase that reproduces the problem).


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