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Re: Binutils build broken at FreeBSD 5.3 after -Werror enabling

From: Vladimir Merzliakov
Subject: Re: Binutils build broken at FreeBSD 5.3 after -Werror enabling
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:29:41 +0300

In file included from /usr/home/wanderer/pkg/build/binutils/src/src/binutils/size.c:34: /usr/home/wanderer/pkg/build/binutils/src/src/binutils/../include/getopt.h:116: warning: function declaration isn't a prototype

I see this warning long time (>2 years) already when i build binutils at FreeBSD.

Using  --disable-werror help build binutils.

Sorry - we have decided to enable -Werror by default on the gcc command line when building binutils. If you can tell us how to reliably determine a prototype for the getopt() function under FreeBSD then we can fix the getopt.h header file. Otherwise you will have to continue building binutils with --disable-werror on the configure command line.

Attached patch fix warning.
I don't known is proposed patch correct.
But I check FreeBSD CVS and found that starting from 1994 FreeBSD have getopt prototype same as in binutils getopt.h.


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