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Re: Unix "time" returns 43.833s. "gprof" returns 438 seconds.

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: Unix "time" returns 43.833s. "gprof" returns 438 seconds.
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 18:18:21 +0100
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Hi Jason,

Unix "time" returns 43.833s. gprof returns 438 seconds. Either I'm going
crazy or gprof is reporting a 10x increase? What could be causing this?

A bug of some kind.  Presumably in gprof.

user    0m43.646s

Each sample counts as 0.01 seconds.
  %   cumulative   self              self     total
 time   seconds   seconds    calls   s/call   s/call  name
 87.46    381.78   381.78      256     1.49     1.49  readMB
 12.95    438.32    56.53      256     0.22     0.22  writeMB

Suppose that gprof had the wrong period for the sample. Suppose for example that each sample counted as 0.06 seconds. Then we can deduce that the actual cumulative time in seconds would be:

   438.32 * 6 = 2629.92 seconds
   2629.92 / 60 = 43.83 minutes

Which is pretty much what you are expecting yes ?


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