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[Bug binutils/835] Fails to build in 64bit mode

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/835] Fails to build in 64bit mode
Date: 11 Apr 2005 15:59:44 -0000

------- Additional Comments From nickc at redhat dot com  2005-04-11 15:59 
Subject: Re:  New: Fails to build in 64bit mode

Hi Francois,

> binutils-2.15 does not compile in 64bit mode due to the fact that, starting in
> AIX5.2, in 64bit, we do not support the old format of vm-info and core-dump.
> I made changes in bfd/rs6000-core.c that I can provide you with, basically
> #ifdef ing out the references to the "old" part of the core-dump and vm-info 
> unions.

It would be nice if you could provide us with this patch, but it would 
be even better if there was some way to determine whether the old code 
was needed, say because the host was a pre-AIX5.2 system, and so only 
use the code under those circumstances.




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