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[Bug gas/847] Error: Zero-length symbol is illegal

From: ian at airs dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/847] Error: Zero-length symbol is illegal
Date: 15 Apr 2005 16:35:54 -0000

------- Additional Comments From ian at airs dot com  2005-04-15 16:35 -------
My point is that symbols like the STT_FILE symbol or STT_SECTION symbols do not
need to have a name.  It is not a bug to have a symbol with no name.  The macro
tc_canonicalize_symbol_name applies to all symbols.  That macro should not
reject symbols with no name.

It is fine with me if you want to reject symbols with no name in other places.

You suggested that tc_canonicalize_symbol_name should not be called in this
context.  I don't agree.  It should be called for every symbol name.  Any other
course of action is potentially confusing.



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