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[Bug gas/847] Error: Zero-length symbol is illegal

From: jbeulich at novell dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/847] Error: Zero-length symbol is illegal
Date: 18 Apr 2005 08:48:07 -0000

------- Additional Comments From jbeulich at novell dot com  2005-04-18 08:48 
I just submitted a patch to undo the rejecting of zero-length symbol names;
however, as said before, while this addresses the immediate issue reported here
I continue to believe that stuff like

 .file "hash#"
 .file "_underscore"
 .file "UPPER"
 .file "lower"

all should give consistent entries in the object file's symbol table, no matter
what target architecture they're used on. Getting this right, however, requires
avoiding save_symbol_name (or undoing its effects), implying avoiding/undoing
any treatment tc_canonicalize_symbol_name might apply/have applied.
(Alternatively, tc_canonicalize_symbol_name could be given a way to know it's
dealing with a file name, so as to allowing it to decide whether do do anthing
special here, but I don't think that'd be the right solution; after all, file
names only depend on file system conventions, not on processor architecture
[leaving aside that certain file systems may only exist on certain 

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