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bucomm.c and mkstemp of mktemp

From: jmcmanus
Subject: bucomm.c and mkstemp of mktemp
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 08:40:15 -0700
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When I run make to build binutils I get an error message saying mkstemp should
be used in bucomm.c instead of mktemp. In ChangeLog-0001, there is a not from
Steven J Hill (2001-11-12) saying to use mkstemp in place of mktemp. There is
also a note from Nick Clifton (2001-11-14) saying to use mkstemps instead of
mkstemp, since not all systems provide mkstemp. As of binutils-2.15 bucomm.c
still has mktemp, however it appears to be using the syntax of mkstemp?

I'm running RedHat Enterprise 7.2, and have a man page for mkstemp, but have not
been able to find the exicutable. I've also not been able to find it on the

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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