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[Bug gas/991] operands mismatch on correct m68040 instruction

From: tom at hukatronic dot cz
Subject: [Bug gas/991] operands mismatch on correct m68040 instruction
Date: 3 Jun 2005 15:04:55 -0000

------- Additional Comments From tom at hukatronic dot cz  2005-06-03 15:04 
I believe that this bug is caused by two separate problems in 
gas/config/tc-m68k.c file.

First problem is in operands matching against opcode table (function m68k_ip, 
big for-loop around line   
1216). Information in the_ins.operands array are in some cases modified during 
operands matching 
(case 'L' and case 'l' in big switch). Subsequently such modified operand fails 
to match against correct 
opcode operands and instruction is rejected. 

Second problem is that function m68k_compare_opcode does not correctly compare 
instructions with 
the same name. The intension was that this function should honor order in 
opcode table, but if op1 and 
op2 has same names and op1 < op2 than m68k_compare_opcode return 0 instead of 
1. Depending on 
implementation of qsort this may produce different results. I believe that this 
is reason why I cannot 
reproduce this bug on i386-redhat-linux, because on i386-redhat-linux the order 
of fmovem.l 
opcodes is different from powerpc-apple-darwin and does not trigger the problem 
with operands 
Order of fmovem.l on powerpc:
order on i386-redhat-linux:

I will attach patches to fix both problems mentioned above.



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