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Re: BFD 2.16.1 "assertion failure" and "internal error"

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: BFD 2.16.1 "assertion failure" and "internal error"
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:34:48 +0100
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Hi Dan,

BFD: BFD 2.16.1 assertion fail ../../binutils-2.16.1/bfd/coff-alpha.c:606
BFD: BFD 2.16.1 internal error, aborting at
../../binutils-2.16.1/bfd/coff-alpha.c line 635 in alpha_adjust_reloc_in

The details of the bug are here:

Note having a suitable c++ compiler to hand I am having difficulty generating the object files in order to reproduce this problem. Would it be possible for you to place a tarball of a.o, b.o and c.o somewhere where I could access it ?


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