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Re: BFD bug with elf*-sparc sections?

From: Daniel Marques
Subject: Re: BFD bug with elf*-sparc sections?
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 13:49:35 -0400
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My understanding is that objcopy has far less knowledge about the ELF format than readelf, and in particular about section group like item #3.

May I ask you why you need to use Binutils with SunPro C++? AFAIK Sun doesn't implement the common C++ ABI.

Maybe I'm confused as to the purpose of objcopy, and binutils in general. Is the purpose of binutils only to work with binaries created with the gnu tool chain? Or is it to work on any binaries created for a platform?

I though that BFD (and I assumed by extension, binutils) was "a library which provides a single interface to read and write object files, executables, archive files, and core files in any format."

If the purpose is to work with general binaries, it seems that 'dropping' the section group stuff is clearly a bug.

Particularly, I want to use objcopy for its redefine-sym function, e.g., I want certain .o files to call xxx_malloc instead of malloc, but not redefine malloc everywhere.

As I want to be able to do this on different platform, I though that I would use binutils, rather than develop a platform specific solution everywhere.

I had no problems with C, but moving to C++ has been a pain.


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