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Re: gprof : histogram records

From: Ian Lance Taylor
Subject: Re: gprof : histogram records
Date: 15 Aug 2005 11:28:47 -0700
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Lilia Ghachem <address@hidden> writes:

> I have a question about the number of histogram records in the profile
> data file: gmon.out file : Can we have more than ONE histogram record?
> in all the tests I made, I found just 1 ...
> So If it's not the case, where these histogram records are stored?
> (list, vector..?)

The gprof program is only prepared to see a single histogram record in
a gmon.out file.  So I think it is fairly safe to assume that a
gmon.out file will have only one histogram.

More precisely, gprof can use more than histogram, but they must cover
the same range of the program--same low PC, high PC, number of bins,
and profiling rate.  Support multiple histograms over the same
executable space is intended to let you generate multiple gmon.out
files from a single executable and combine them in a single gprof run.


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