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ld 2.16.1: Ordered & unordered sections error on IA64

From: John S. Worley
Subject: ld 2.16.1: Ordered & unordered sections error on IA64
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 11:25:54 -0700
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    Using ld version 2.16.1 with gcc version 3.2.3, I get
the following error linking IA64 modules:

ld: .data has both ordered and unordered sections
ld: find link failed: Bad value

    The error is coming from elf_fixup_link_order(), and
as near as I can decipher from the BFD structures, the
ordered sections in question are .IA_64.unwind.

    This failure does not occur with ld version
that we were using previously. Please help me understand what's
going on and how to fix it.

        John Worley

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