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strings: clarify 8/16 bit

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: strings: clarify 8/16 bit
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 01:39:32 +0800

You should put the bug address (back?) on the man page.
$ man strings
     Select the character encoding of the strings that are to be found.
     Possible values for ENCODING are: `s' = single-7-bit-byte
     characters (ASCII, ISO 8859, etc., default), `S' =
     single-8-bit-byte characters, `b' = 16-bit bigendian, `l' = 16-bit
     littleendian, `B' = 32-bit bigendian, `L' = 32-bit littleendian.
     Useful for finding wide character strings.

Mention if e.g., gb2312 is which one: it is pairs of 8 bit chars, = 16 bit?
Well only -e S finds any.

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