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[Bug gas/2582] dwarf2dbg.c embeds absolute filename path with hard-coded

From: burgess at impulse dot net
Subject: [Bug gas/2582] dwarf2dbg.c embeds absolute filename path with hard-coded / separator
Date: 26 Apr 2006 16:14:08 -0000

------- Additional Comments From burgess at impulse dot net  2006-04-26 16:14 
Hi Nick,

> > Another thought -- why not look for the THIRD character to be a backslash?
> That wouldn't work.  Not all relative paths start with "..". [...]
> In addition it is possible that the backslash character might be there 
> to escape an unconventional path name character.  For example [...]
>    /A\ Directory/Foo

Hmmm, yes.  I guess the question is, how does gas or dwarf2dbg handle relative 
paths now?  Calling 
gas with just the filename and no path yields absolute dwarf2 source-file paths 
in cygwin format, while 
calling gas with the absolute path in C:\ format yields dwarf2 paths in C:\ 
format (except for the 
forward-slash bug).  In between, there must already be some intelligence that 
resolves relative paths 
into absolute paths -- probably in favor of cygwin?

Anyway, from a user perspective, it's easy to feed an absolute path to gas to 
force dwarf2 information 
to be in C:\ format; and, a source no less than Microsoft TechNet says that 
"your computer can use 26 
drive letters, from A through Z" -- no multiple-char drive letters mentioned 
there.  So I'd agree that 
basing the '\' or '/' heuristic on string[1] == ':' will enable those who are 
using a non-cygwin debugger 
under Windows to proceed, while not inconveniencing those (probably the vast 
majority of gas users) 
who aren't.

When my dev system is back up I'll test and let you know.  Thanks again!




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