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binutils-2.16 building problem

From: Stefano Repici
Subject: binutils-2.16 building problem
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 21:34:18 +0200

building the binutils-2.16 source, in the bfd/som.c file I had to
comment out the "is_comdat" property as follows, because it breaks the
build ("...the structure does not have is_comdat...").
I had built the package anyway; please notify me if it is could be


Stefano Repici

  /* Walk over each symbol.  */
  for (i = 0; i < num_syms; i++)
      struct som_misc_symbol_info info;

      /* This is really an index into the symbol strings table.
         By the time we get here, the index has already been
         computed and stored into the name field in the BFD symbol.  */
      som_symtab[i].name.n_strx =

      /* Derive SOM information from the BFD symbol.  */
      som_bfd_derive_misc_symbol_info (abfd, bfd_syms[i], &info);

      /* Now use it.  */
      som_symtab[i].symbol_type = info.symbol_type;
      som_symtab[i].symbol_scope = info.symbol_scope;
      som_symtab[i].arg_reloc = info.arg_reloc;
      som_symtab[i].symbol_info = info.symbol_info;
      som_symtab[i].xleast = 3;
      som_symtab[i].symbol_value = info.symbol_value | info.priv_level;
      som_symtab[i].secondary_def = info.secondary_def;
/* ###      som_symtab[i].is_comdat = info.is_comdat;   ### */
      som_symtab[i].is_common = info.is_common;
      som_symtab[i].dup_common = info.dup_common;

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