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gnude with fortran

From: Dave Kenyon
Subject: gnude with fortran
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2006 12:26:38 -0400

dear gnu,
      I am a mixed language programmer. I am porting a very large number of  Fortran 77 subroutines to a ARM9 based embedded application (Atmel AT91SAM9261). It was almost a god send when I tripped over gnude with this capability. After downloading release 1.2 and setting up my path environment for \gnude\bin, running the command process for DOS, I typed:
arm-elf-gcc piset.for
it immediately responded with:
arm-elf-gcc: installation problem, cannot exec 'f771': No file or directory 
    Do I need additional files, and/or should I enhance the path environment further? Is there a    .bat file to get me started and/or to do the linkage?
    Is there any other FORTRAN and mixed FORTRAN-c application notes that could assist me further?
    Does the gnude object and executable code work well in a Windows CE operating system? Are there any app notes or tricks to use gnude code with
    windows CE?
Thanks for your attention,
Dave Kenyon
Hamilton Research, Ltd.
973 538-4129 home
973 727-0854 cell

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