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"relocation truncated to fit" errors

From: Huliyar Nataraj
Subject: "relocation truncated to fit" errors
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 19:16:34 +0530

I am using a 64-bit AMD apteron cluster with 8 GB RAM (RHEL platform). I face "relocation overflow" and "relocation truncated to fit errors" when I compile big fortran 77 codes using f77/g77 (even with ifort and pathf95) on it. Though it compiles successfully it cannot assemble or link the executables. I understand this is because of large arrays or so. But the executable size is not more than 2GB. so I could not run my codes with large dimensions.

Can you please tell me what options I can use while compiling thse kind of codes. Sometimes, ulimit command or -m32 option  worked but when I run the executable it simply dumps the core. Please suggest me what can I do to get rid of these problems?.

Thanks in advance.
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